Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tip #4 - How to Make Your Grammar Lessons More Interesting

This e-mail contains tip #4 on how to increase interestinvolvement and results when teaching grammar:

Tip #4

Go step by step.
Yes, there are many different grammar topics.
And yes, your student won't master English until they understand and can use many of them.
But in this case quality is more important than quantity.
Go over each subject until your student truly gets it. Until They can use it easily when reading,writing or speaking English.
Even after you fully cover that rule, go back to it in future lessons, and reinforce your student's understanding.
"Use It or loose It!" is the motto, so make sure the student continues to USE what they learn. 
Next time I will share with you one final message on this important topic.
It will help you construct your lessons and make them more fun!

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