Saturday, 20 July 2013

Borrow or Lend?

So what's the difference between "borrowing" a book and "lending" a book?


"To borrow" means "to take something that belongs to someone else, and return it to them later." 

  • "Can I borrow your car?"
  • "I need to return the book I borrowed from the library."
  • "He borrowed 10,000 dollars from the bank."


"To lend" means "to give something to someone, when they need to return it to you later." 

  • "I can't lend you my car. I am using it."
  • "This library lends books for free."
  • "The bank lent her a loan of 10,000 dollars."

    "The bank lent her a loan of 10,000 dollars."

In summary, borrowing is an action of taking, and lending is an action of giving.


Which of the following sentences is incorrect?
    1. They need to borrow our truck.
    2. Why do you want to borrow his notebook?
    3. I will lend Sharon my blue dress. 
    4. Can he lend some money from his credit card company?

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