Saturday, 20 July 2013

Present Progressive Tense for Future Activities

The following is an important thing to keep in mind when learning English verb tenses.

It is known that the present progressive tense is used for actions that are taking place now, or for actions that are temporary.

For example:
- We are having dinner at the moment.
(This happens right now.)

- He is renovating the house these days.
(This is a temporary action.)

However, the present progressive can also be used for planned future actions.

For example:
- We are celebrating tonight.
- She is starting a new job tomorrow.

So how can we distinguish between the present and the future?

Time expressions are used exactly for this purpose.

Future words, like "tomorrow," "next week," etc, indicate future actions.

Words like "now," "at this moment," "these days," etc, indicate actions in the present.

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