Sunday, 9 October 2011

About Me

Meily Pujianti is my full name.
I was born in Jakarta, 24 years ago. Now I live in Tangerang, Indonesia.
After a long time finally
i decide to study at the college at STBA BUDDHI majoring in English Literature.
Jadi, blog ini juga untuk menceritakan kehidupan yang akan aku alami selama kuliah di STBA BUDDHI. Semoga blog ini bisa bermanfaat bagiku dan orang-orang yang membaca blog ini.

Short story about my self, I like watching movies, day dreaming, and quite lazy (bad habit, I must change that) ;-)
Well, at least not everything about me is bad. Just remember “Nobody is perfect” everybody must have their each positive and minus. Isn’t it right?
We are as human beings who live in this world must be different, from our face, habit, mindset, action, style, etc.
Well, I make this blog actually to make memoirs of my self, my thinking, and my life. To make my journey story in this world, some memories maybe bad and some others maybe good, very great, or even terrible. We can’t predict and decide what we want and how our destiny is. Just God can do all of those things, I just pray that my life and my families’ can be happy ending, both in this world and the afterlife. Amin. ^_^

Now I’m working at the office of a fresh fruits distributor company in Indonesia. Just guess it by your self…he8x.
Well, i am quite enjoying my job now, even though I don’t think it’s my favorite interest. But, I’m very grateful to Allah for giving me infinite blesses in all my life, great parents, family, friends, and everything happen in my life.
Small, big, good, bad, those are my experiences and teachers to face and walk on my entire life forwards.

I like singing, but unfortunately I have bad voice. Ha8x
I like watching TV, that makes me be a lazy person.
I like sight seeing, but I do it rarely.
I like eating, that makes me having fat.
I like chatting, unfortunately seldom because the others are busy with their own business. (That’s life)
I like create something, my dreams, I can cook and make a lot of delicious and healthy food & drinks, unfortunately I don’t have opportunities to make it come true yet.
Well, I pray and I wish, I can make all my dreams and aims come true (of course only the good dreams & aims).
Just keep fighting, keep going; keep studying, never late to start something, spirit, smile, just enjoy, and always say “ALL IS WELL.”


  1. Thank you Grace ^_^
    nice to have you here.

    Congratulations for you
    You are the first person who write in my blog.
    Thank you very much.