Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tip #2 - How to Make Your Grammar Lessons More Interesting

As promised, here is tip #2 on how to increase interestinvolvement and results when teaching grammar:

Tip #2

Teach for a reason. There is a reason for teaching and knowing each grammar rule, other than passing the test.
Each grammar rule is taught for a reason. If your student knows that reason, they will be more motivated to understand and use what you teach.
For example, why do we teach the English parts of speech?

Because a person who knows the parts of speech understands the building blocks of the language. Moreover, when using the dictionary, they can find the right meaning more easily.
For example, Lisa reads the sentence "They water the plants."
She's not sure what "water" means in this case, so she looks it up in a dictionary.
Since the dictionary has the words organized according to their part of speech, she will have an easier time locating the correct definition if she know that "water" is used as a VERB
So make sure your students actually know why they study each grammar topic in the first place!
There are more tips to come.

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