Sunday, 21 July 2013

By or Bye?

So what's the difference between "by" and "bye"? 


"By" is a very common word that has many different meanings. 

Here are some common ones together with examples.

1) Near somebody or something. 

  • I am standing by the tree.
  • She will be waiting by the bus station. 
  • The car is by the house.
2) Not later than a certain time. 

  • I will be home by seven o'clock.
  • Mr. Jones will return by next week.
  • I'm sure you will finish your homework by dinner.
3) Used to show who did the action. 

  • The window was broken by Joe.
  • The robber was caught by the police.
  • He was hit by a car.

Now, the word "bye" is a totally different story... 


Bye = a short informal version of the word "goodbye."
This is a word you use when you leave, or when someone else leaves. 

  • Bye! See you soon!
  • Bye for now!
  • Bye-bye, see you next week.
"Bye" is a shortened version of "goodbye."

The word "goodbye" comes from "godbwye."
This is the short form of "God be with ye," which means "God be with you."

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