Saturday, 6 July 2013

How to Speak English Like Americans Do

Do you feel like your foreign accent is stopping you?

Many English learners, despite s great deal of knowledge on grammar rules and good vocabulary, can still be slowed down by their pronunciation skills.

The thing with pronunciation is that it is indeed a skill, and as a skill you can work on it and develop it further.
There is no reason why you should feel uncomfortable or uncertain when speaking English.
Really Learn English has a full section just on pronunciation.
Take advantage of it right now!
There you will find the important basics, as well as full lessons on different English sounds.
I hope that by practicing with the provided videos and exercises you will see that it is possibletodramatically improve your pronunciation and accent :)
If you want to improve your accent as fast as possible I recommend you take this online course:
This just may be the exact thing you need to gain confidence in speech :)


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