Monday, 15 July 2013

Gerunds or Infinitives?

Gerunds and infinitives can be a bit confusing.
In other words, what is a gerund? What is an infinitive? And what's the difference?

Here is the short version:

Gerund = a noun made from a verb. 
To make a gerund, you add "-ing" to the verb.

For example:

In the sentence "I dance often", the word "dance" is a verb.

In the sentence "I like dancing", the word "dance" is a noun.

Therefore, "dancing" is a gerund.

Infinitive = an infinitive is the basic form of the verb + "to".
Examples: to go, to eat, to think.
Example sentence: "I want to dance."
Now, the real question is where you should use gerunds and when infinitives.

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