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English Parts of Speech + Quick Reference Table

There are eight different English parts of speech, but before we continue any further . . .

What is a Part of Speech?

part of speech is a group of words that are used in a certain way.

For example, "run," "jump," and "be" are all used to describe actions/states. 
Therefore they belong to the VERBS group. 

"Table," "cow" and "London" are all used to name a person, place or thing. 
Therefore they belong to the NOUNS group.

And so forth.
In other words, all words in the English language are divided into eight different categories. 
Each category has a different role/function in the sentence.

The English parts of speech are:
Nouns pronouns adjectives verbs adverbs prepositions, conjunctions and  interjections .

It is important to know them well and recognize each one easily.

That will help you (or your students) better understand the building blocks of the English language and find the correct definition of a word in the dictionary.

You see, since many words are used as several different parts of speech, recognizing the correct part of speech will allow you to locate the right definition more quickly.

Now, as a quick reference, you can use this table:

English Parts of Speech Quick Table

Part of SpeechExplanationExamples
NounsA word that names a person, a place or a thingBoy, Sam, cat, Paris
PronounsA word that is used instead of a nounHe, my, yourself
AdjectivesA word that describes a person or thingpretty, easy, fat
VerbsA word or group of words that express an action or a statego, jump, be, think
AdverbsA word that describes or gives more information about a verb, an adjective, another adverb, or even the entire sentencequickly, tomorrow, outside
PrepositionsA word that is used before a noun or a pronoun to connect it to another word in the sentence. It is usually used to show location, direction, time, and so forth.on, in, to, from, of
ConjunctionsA word that joins parts of a sentence togetherand, or, but
InterjectionsA short sound, word or phrase used to express the speaker's emotion.Wow, hmm, well, oh dear

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