Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Many Meanings of the Word "Run"

One of the most frequent words in English is "run", but did you know it has over 40 different meanings?
Well, it does. We won't go over all of them in this e-mail, but we'll definitely cover the important ones for you to know.
So here are the meanings and examples of the word "run" (past tense: "ran").
Meaning #1: to move very quickly.
- He ran after the bus, but it didn't help.
- The children are running up and down the stairs.
- He is too old to run.
Meaning #2: to work or operate.

- This computer scan is running for over an hour.
- Our new website is up and running.
- Don't leave the car if the engine is running.
Meaning #3: to be in control of something.
"I am running this company."
"This manager does not run his team very well."
"Do you know how to run this machine?"
"Can you run a disk cleanup?"
Meaning #4: to try to win an election.
- Jonathan is running for president.
- He doesn't have much chances of winning, since Martha is running against him.
- He wants to run for mayor, but he doesn't have the funds.
Meaning #5: to flow.
- Rhine River runs all the way through Europe.
- Tears were running down her cheeks.
- Cold water was running out of the tap.

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