Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Preparing Ourselves For an English Test

Preparation we must do before an English test.
There are several things we must do before our English test. 
First, we start with asking or knowing what
material we will face in our test. 
It is also important to know wether the test is oral or written. 
Second, we must learn the material of the test. 
We can read our lesson books, dictionary, and many other sources. 
Third, use our spare time to study rather than watching television or just spending our time with  
friends at the mall. 
How long we spend to study is not really important. 
The most important thing in learning something is how we can understand an apply the things 
we have learned. 
We can learn anytime we want to learn just make it a happy and precious process in our life. 
The last but not the least, the thing we must do, we must take a good and enough rest, eat on 
time and regularly, do some exercises, pray to God, and believe in ourselves. 
After we do those things, we can do our English test well and full of preparation.

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