Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Coming Soon Birthday

Next month will be my birth day. It is about Forty days ahead to my birthday. I was born in Jakarta on May 21st 1988. So,
next month I will be twenty-four years old. I feel so excited, can not wait for it, I will be more mature and get a year older. But, I am still confused, wether I will have or make a birthday party or not. I have many options in my mind. For examples,
just stay at home, make a party, hangout with my friends, do karaoke or go shopping. After shopping I can just have a simple dinner with my family and have a special chatting. It needs a lot of consideration about those. But at last I decided to have a party on my birthday.
I make a big decision to do. Making a birthday party is not as simple as you drink a glass of water. It needs a lot of preparation. I need to collect the fund, I need a lot of money. From now on, I have to save more money. But, if it is going to use my own money it will not enough, I will ask or borrow money from my parents. After fund matter, I have to choose a place to hold my birthday party. Whether it is at home, at a restaurant, at mall or at a beach. Home is a good place but, I do not want to make my home messy after the party. Second choice is at a beach, I do not think it is a good idea. Even though a beach is beautiful and nice place, it is too far and too windy. Third choice is a small, it can be fun but, it is too crowded and not private. My last choice is a restaurant, I think it is the best place to hold my birthday party .we can sit and eat the food comfortably. There are a lot of menu to choose. 
What again now, how about food, what kind of food I want to have for my special moment. It must be delicious and suitable with my appetite. How about Chinese food, Japanese food, Western food, or Indonesian food. In Chinese food, I can have dim sum, noodles, many variants of seafood, etc. In Japanese food, I can have sushi, ocha tea, ramen noodles, etc. In Western food, I can have food like pizza, burgers, etc. In Indonesian Food, I can have sour soup, fried chicken, chicken satay, etc. All of them are very interesting for me.

                Finally, after a deep thinking and held choices, I have decided plan for my birthday party. I will hold my birthday party on May 21st 2012. It will be at a Chinese restaurant. I choose afternoon day time, to have lunch together with my family and my close friends. I do not hope the presents or things from them. I just need them to accompany me to have a special lunch. I do hope my plan will be successful and everybody will be happy.

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