Thursday, 10 April 2014

Listening (Mendengarkan) and Compliance (Kepatuhan)

Tonight I just got a very inspirative moment in my life, it’s my experience that is getting richer, it’s my sense of compliance that is getting higher, it’s my belief to my own logical thinking that is being deeper. When you read my previous sentence, you might think I just got a very important thing in my life. But, actually it is, at least according to me.

The story was begun when
my father complained, his head was feeling severe headache. I suggested to my father, how if he drank ginger water. My father agreed and he bought one book of ginger and five bars of  brown sugar at the shop not far across my house. The process is begun, but before that, I asked my mother how to make the ginger water.

My mother told me to use all of the ginger and  two bars of  brown sugar with 3 glasses of water. Wash the ginger, slice it into smaller pieces. Boil the water, put the ginger and the sugar into the boiling water. Ok, finally it has done. My hand made ginger water, something is wrong. Do you know, what wrong is? Yes, that is right. The taste of the ginger water, it felt too sweet. My mother asked me, how many bars did I use? I answered, all of it, it meant I use 5 bars.

If you remember, the instructions from my mother, just use 2 bars of sugar. I said sorry to my father, because it was too much sugar. My father did not said, “It’s ok”, but my father said like this, “It tastes good”.
Wow, since now and then, I just realized deeper about the meaning of listening and compliance. 

The lesson costed about IDR 10,000.00, for the ginger, the  brown sugar,the mineral water, and the gas. Just like the businessmen, they told no business without capital. It is true, just as in my case tonight. Inexpensive but high values lesson I succeeded to get from my parents.

My mother taught me, how to make something, ginger water. My father taught me to smile and always encourage his daughter, eventhough I could not make tasty ginger water for him.
Well, I pray, may Allah SWT always give them health, wealth, happiness, and more blessings in this life and after.

So, guys, please do listen what other people tell us (especially to our parents and family), take the good and waste the bad words. With sincere heart and believe that we will get meaningful lesson in this life.
See what they do and listen what they say, not who they are or what they look like.

They can be not more intelligent from us, but they could have much more experiences than us.

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