Saturday, 22 September 2012

Piece or Peace?

Well, these words are quite different... 


1. A part of something. 

She found a piece of glass on the floor.

This puzzle is made of 4,000 pieces.

I would like a piece of cake, please.

2. A unit or an item of something. 

A skirt, a scarf and a coat are pieces of clothing.

This is a very interesting piece of news!

He needs a piece of paper.


1. A situation in which there is no war or fighting. 

After all these years of war the people want peace.

The two countries have always lived together in peace.

We all want world peace.

2. When things are calm and quiet. 

I would like some peace and quiet.

There won't be any piece until she gets what she wants.

At last, he reached an inner peace.
And now is the time to ask: what do you prefer, a piece of cake or a peace of mind? :-)


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