Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Loving Indonesian As Always

           Since last night, i have been interested to  read more Indonesian novels, especially about love. The more i read, the more i enjoy reading. Well, actually
it's not good for me, because i supposed to read English book & novels. He3x... What can i do, because i haven't had English novel at all. I've planned to buy it later, if there were a bazaar/discount at the book store. ^_^
           In the other hand, i can search on the internet free e-book, it's cheaper and more exiciting to read. After downloading in my computer, i'll move it to my cellular phone. So that, i can be able to read the novel whereever and whenever i want. It's not a hobby yet for me, but just entertaining my self from the daily routines. Reading is one of the best to forget your problem for a while. After reading, i can think clearly and get new idea to solve my problems. Reading also can improve my knowledge, my diction in composing sentences, open my other point of view, and much more.

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